We are there for you when you want to plan internationalization and export expansion, when you want to develop key personnel’s sales capacity and international customer service models, or when you want to open international sales channels and lower the initial threshold. We are also there for you when you want to recognize the opportunities and risks of internationalization. You can speed up your internationalization with our consulting supported by ELY and Business Finland – the support can cover 50-75% of your costs. We are also one of Business Finland’s innovation bill service providers.

Patrik Anckar


Patrik Anckar

Strategy & Development

Rent an export manager

We take care of all internationalization actions for you by operating as your export manager. We are flexibly at your disposal long-term according to your needs.


We map target countries, refine competitiveness, and develop functions to meet the company’s needs to succeed on the international market. Together we create preconditions for international business. The consultation is committed, interactive, practical, and made for small and medium-sized companies. The advisory usually lasts 10 – 100 days.