It's more than furnishing

"The biggest benefit of the cooperation with Smartbutlers has been their support in the deepening, crystallization and clarification of our brand message", Laura Karlsson, Operations Manager at ScaleUp, explains. "For a long time, our brand and marketing had been a bit left behind. That's why we needed to strengthen our marketing and brand image".

The cooperation started in November 2019. ScaleUp had received support from the ELY centre to develop their business and decided to outsource their marketing development.

"We chose Smartbutlers since it was easy to communicate with a local firm. We met Meri and Patrik and they had a good vision of how our brand could be strenghtened".

The cooperation project included, among other things, brightening ScaleUp's brand considering international markets, creating a growth plan for brand expansion, planning and organizing internationalization, and ensuring competitiveness.

A competitor analysis helped building the brand

At first, Smartbutlers made an extensive analysis of the competitors. "Our competitor field was mapped. Thanks to that, we got a wider understanding of what to compete with on the field, both on the domestic markets and abroad. This helped us in crystallizing the brand message. In other words, what we do and what we know needs to be crystallized as clearly as possible", Laura states.

ScaleUp also received help in argumentation, communications, visualizing the story, identifying target groups and customers, utilizing references, and designing digital material.

"Our brand story is now deeper". During the project, we have had regular meetings and video calls. "We have had good communications. Smartbutlers has been a suitably sized partner for us: agile and efficient".

The cooperation continues in the future as well

"At this stage, Smartbutlers knows us very well. In the future, we will focus on, among other things, developing our communications".