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Customers and partners want to receive information about your company’s operations and responsible companies receive appreciation on their part. At its best, a responsible company brings the added value a customer is looking for and can increase their competitiveness.

Responsibility means the corporate social responsibility that can be divided into financial, social, and environmental responsibility. In the industry world, this generally means actions that exceed the legal requirements. Social responsibility may appear as taking care of the employees’ wellbeing or employing individuals in risk of exclusion. Environmental responsibility, on the other hand, are concrete and continuous measures to reduce business emissions and other environmental impact. Responsibility is not a one-time charity action, but continuous concrete measures.

We help you define your company’s stakeholders. In other words, who’s operations does your business have an impact on and in turn, which operators impact your business. A crucial part of responsibility is the company’s values that guide the everyday actions. If they are lost, we help you find them. Responsibility may appear as heating methods of the premises, raw materials of the products, reducing travel emissions, or promoting employees’ wellbeing. We help you communicate your responsibility and values to the right target group, through the right channels reliably and transparently.

Value workshop

The workshop is suitable for companies that want to write down their values and need an external resource to help. We help you describe how you act together within the company.

Responsibility conceptualization

Together we map what responsibility currently means in your operations and how it can be developed.

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