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Business and brand strategy

Business strategy

We develop and sharpen your sustainable competitive advantage by defining how your company can create better customer value than your competitors. We customize a unique story for you that make you stand out from the competitors. We position and give direction on where and when to compete. After this, we create a manuscript that helps in the operational implementation of the strategy. Our starting point is that a strategy is not a strategy until its implementation is carefully planned and put in place. This is our field; we create strategies that can be executed, and if needed, we help putting them into practice. This way we remain realistic from beginning to end.

We are an agreement service provider of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment institution (ELY-keskus). This means we can also help you apply for development services to support company growth and renewal.

Market analysis

We supply you with a clear understanding of the competitive landscape, the industrial success factors, key customer values, and your company’s core competence.

Growth path

We help companies define the right growth targets and functional ways to reach the set targets.

Strategy visualization

We simplify and clarify your company’s storyline and flavor it both verbally and visually.


We differentiate you from your competitors by utilizing categorization, segmentation, mission, and positioning.

Brand strategy

To succeed in the markets, brands need a sustainable storyline. This is our core competence. Without a storyline, a product is just a product, and the price becomes the most important purchase criterion. With the help of a sustainable story (strategical marketing) and someone telling the story (operative marketing), sales promotion becomes more focused, more authentic, more attractive and more cost efficient. We make sure you climb up the tree headfirst. Your mind can rest when you know that your strategy is in the hands of an experienced, international professional who understands your operative realities.

A brand is a promise. A good brand is a unique promise. And an excellent brand is a unique promise that can be verified. That is the cornerstone of our brand work in all its simplicity. And when we furthermore create a smart slogan for the brand, in other words a customer promise, you are good to go. Our slogan factory does not produce empty verbiage or funny trickery. Every slogan needs to be credible, substantive, and differentiated. When the promise can be verified, trust is born. Sustainable stories are not created just like that. They are the result of deep analysis and sharp conceptualization.

Brand book

A brand book is a brand management tool that documents the brand identity. The brand book explains the brand appearance to both internal and external stakeholders. It portrays the brand’s values and its uniqueness. Brand book also offer practical tools and instructions for the brand’s graphical image and communication style.

Brand temple

A description of the brand’s appearance and the story’s argumentation

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Patrik Anckar

Strategy & Development

Latest work

Bringing the values of a sun representative to the limelight

SW Energia wanted to develop their growth acquirement for international business. This included making a growth strategy and developing company practices.

  • Business and brand strategy
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  • Business and brand strategy
  • Internationalization

  • Business and brand strategy
  • Internationalization