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Digital solutions

Our web and analytics know-how covers customized web solutions, data collection and analysis as well as automation and modeling. We develop a functional website for you with the tailor-made functions you need, such as product registers, product searches, media banks, advertising automation, booking systems, intranet, product configuration or webshops.


We build a customized and brand-according website for you that meets the requirements of today; the site is fast, search engine optimized, good-looking, and user-friendly across all devices. High-quality code and modern web technology guarantee excellent performance and good security, and makes continuous development easy if, for instance, you want to add new functions to the site later.


Thanks to its ease-of-use, WordPress has become one of the top CMS’s (content management system) that currently runs about a third of the world’s websites. WordPress offers a stable, battle-tested, and reliable platform that suits most small and medium-sized website projects.

We are specialized in WordPress, which many of our website projects are built on. Instead of using existing pre-made themes, we code tailor-made and optimized themes for our customers. This way we can make sure that only the needed functionality is added, and the site remains fast and content management easy.

Web applications

We also build customized web applications as part of your website or as own applications, such as:

  • Product registers
  • Image/material banks
  • Booking systems
  • Webshops
  • Intranet
  • Automations, such as integrations/interfaces for external services


We follow your site’s visitor statistics (Google Analytics), gather the most important numbers, and make conclusions. Based on the statistics, we suggest improvements and other tips for developing your website or webshop.

We also do A/B tests based on statistics, where we compare two or several options. We show the user different site versions and based on the statistics we decide which option is more satisfying for the customer (in other words more profitable for the company). A/B tests can be used to increase website contacts or e-commerce sales.

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Andreas Anckar

Software developer

Latest work

Farmcomp now speaks directly to the customer

Farmcomp Oy, which manufactures agricultural electronics, is getting a completely new website. “We have moved on from the 90s to the present day”, Farmcomp’s marketing coordinator Merene Hovilainen laughs. When starting at Farmcomp last February, her first work tasks included renewing the website. “The website was of model 90s. It was about time to update it”.

  • Digital solutions

  • Digital solutions

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  • Digital solutions