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On a product level, productization is everything that happens from that the product idea is born to the decision to abandon the product. On a company level, productization is comprehensive product portfolio management. Productization links product amounts, pricing, features and target markets together. Thanks to this, the company can consistently develop products that meet the market needs and differentiate from the competitors’ products. We can help you with part of the productization or develop it comprehensively.


  • Internal and external launch plan
  • Action plan for launching from a marketing communications point of view

Product life cycle

Evaluating the product’s life cycle effects from an environmental point of view: the product’s burden on the environment from manufacturing to recycling.

Service design

  • Functional and visual development of websites and webshops to meet the goals and customer needs.
  • An additional dimension to the products: combining product knowledge, quotes, customer work and re-marketing to a seamless part of the product.

Product features

  • Certifying conformity: legal requirements for the products
  • Clarifying market specific requirements (abroad)
  • Clarifying requirements and needs of customer target groups


  • Anticipation of remarketing costs as part of the product pricing
  • Building maintenance networks (in Finland and abroad)
  • Implementing support material for the customers, users, and maintenance: user manuals and videos, extranet and intranet for websites etc.

Market research

  • Research for developing and defining product features
  • Friendly-user tests for new products and product features
  • Product satisfaction measures and research

Product pricing

  • Product cost structure
  • Product revenue model
  • Product pricing for imported products (EU and outside EU)

Sales channels

Retailers, business centers, agencies, franchising, webshop, phone sales – there is a few examples of sales channels. We help you open new sales channels and develop existing ones. We can offer our know-how both when it comes to opening export channels and developing sales in the homeland. We have various experience from sales development both from the service industry and the manufacturing industry.

Acquisition of new customers

We help you find your target groups and potential customers, participate in contacting them and take part in the sales work if needed.

Principal cooperation

We participate in developing principal cooperation and function as the contact person if needed. We make sure that the cooperation works smoothly.

Sales toolbox

  • Sales arguments
  • Sales materials
  • Retailer network service & development
  • Creating retailer sales toolboxes

Channel choices

  • Channel choices that support the brand strategy in order to reach the sales targets
  • Sectoral sales channel mapping
  • Opening new sales channels

Opening of export

We help you find the most suitable distribution channels on the target markets and if needed, we participate in opening the channels.

Marketing communications

The purpose of marketing is to create and build satisfying customer relations. Marketing communications is a part of marketing. The purpose of marketing communications is to build brand awareness among potential customers and make buying decisions easier.

We design a marketing communications model that supports your company’s business targets, we create a budget to support the annual plan, and we coordinate the execution of the plan, so that things are put into practice. We can also produce content for websites, newsletters, and brochures. From us you receive the graphical material you need (i.e. business cards, brochures, ads) and we coordinate the needed subcontracting (i.e. printing, events, ads).

Planning & coordination

  • Annual marketing plans & budgets
  • Annual communications plans & budgets
  • Brand books & graphical manuals
  • Customer values & segments
  • Competitive factors & positioning
  • Subcontracting bidding & coordination
  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Ads & campaigns
  • Expos & events
  • Remarketing

Websites & digital marketing

  • Web design & search engine optimization
  • Website updates & development
  • Data processing automation
  • Digital content production
  • Google account management (Google Analytics, Google Ads)
  • Banner advertising design and execution
  • Social media channels

Latest work

Bringing the values of a sun representative to the limelight

SW Energia wanted to develop their growth acquirement for international business. This included making a growth strategy and developing company practices.

  • Business and brand strategy
  • Productization
  • Internationalization

  • Productization
  • Sustainability

  • Business and brand strategy
  • Productization
  • Digital solutions