We started our operations in 2003 as a strategic marketing consultancy and an interim management service provider. Coaching and outsourcing have later been added to our portfolio as a reaction to our clients’ needs. Our operations are based on personal experience of leading business operations and marketing functions globally.

We are a marketing agency, not an advertising agency.  Our mission is to take care of our clients’ marketing in a comprehensive way. Our competence is indeed to combine operative and strategic work. We are pragmatic although we have a scientific background.

We are small but networked. Our core team consists of six people and three mother tongues. We provide our clients with creative solutions either by using our whole crew or by using our partner network. In this way, we can offer top level knowledge comprehensively and cost efficiently.

Sustainable Stories

At Smartbutlers we create sustainable stories and execute comprehensive international marketing programs for SMEs. We take care of your marketing by using our Sustainable Stories process.

Strategic marketing
International marketing
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Marketing analytics


Story Input
Industry Drivers · Customer Values · Competitor Landscape · Analytics Performance

The story creation starts with data mining – we convert big data into smart data. We produce the needed ingredients in our data mill before we start our story factory. We are more than web analysts, we crunch data from different sources and we combine quantitative and qualitative data. We also do research when needed. We utilize company specific analyses to offer facts based diagnoses and forecasts.


Positioning Statements · Strategy Onepagers · Global Excellence Modelling · Investor Memorandums · Turn-Around Programs

The key to marketing is a storyline that steers the story. In our process, the storyline is based on industrial success factors, competition, customer values and demand factors. It is based on what sells and what differs from the mass. The storyline is also based on the company’s own core competence and thus on the premises what realistically can be done. The storyline works at its best when it is visually and verbally simplified.


Story Manuscript
Brand Books · Marketing Action Plans · MarCom Mix · Product Roadmaps · Route-to-Market · Web Design · Sales Tool Box · Smart Data

We direct the process systematically in accordance with the manuscript. We cast with the right players (resourcing and subcontracting), we place the actions in the right time and context (budgeting and annual planning), and we make sure that the actual storytelling is groovy and understandable.


Marketing Outsourcing · Interim Management · Business Advisory · Business Coaching · Data Automation

As the world changes, the essence of marketing remains. Unsatisfied needs will always exist and consumers will always seek value for themselves. We focus primarily on basic factors. That is, our customers should have decent home pages, the communication content should comply with the storyline and be credible, the chosen channels should find target groups, products should meet expectations and sales should have sufficient sales tools.

How we work

At the core of the matter.

As we ourselves have worked in demanding, international management positions, we know how to focus on the essential and how to respond to customer needs by understanding industry-specific challenges. Our key competence is strategy; we always base our actions on facts and provide our customers with an operatively sustainable story and direction. We are not interested in mumbo-jumbo, but in simple and clear plans that are possible to execute.

Absolutely genuinely involved.

We only engage in projects where we know we can add value. We do not impose ready templates, we tailor our services to meet real demands and result expectations. We listen, analyze, conceptualize, and participate. We adapt our tools and frameworks to be practical. We genuinely want to succeed together with our clients and we can commit to commonly agreed targets.

Acting on behalf of the client.

Our purpose is to make our clients look good. As our name obligates, we offer one-stop shopping and take care of our clients cost efficiently and result mindedly. Our clients can outsource their entire marketing, strategy or business development to us, and we will objectively take care of the right resources for every need. At the same time the client will get a liaison that makes sure everything is handled in a coordinated way and according to budget.

Always more than one.

At the price of one resource, our clients get an entire marketing department. Our client liaisons will use our entire team for the best results and to ensure that the right competence is used for every operation. This way we maximize the convenience for our clients, as their appointed liaison operates all activities like a true butler.