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Farmcomp now speaks directly to the customer

Farmcomp Oy, which manufactures agricultural electronics, is getting a completely new website. “We have moved on from the 90s to the present day”, Farmcomp’s marketing coordinator Merene Hovilainen laughs. When starting at Farmcomp last February, her first work tasks included renewing the website. “The website was of model 90s. It was about time to update it”.




To execute the project, Farmcomp chose Smartbutlers as their cooperation partner.

“I invited several service providers to tender and got a strong recommendation from one of our cooperation partners to turn to Smartbutlers. Moreover, their offer proposition corresponded with what we wanted”.

The cooperation started in May 2020. It included a large site renewal for a total of five sites, of which one is a company site and four are product brand sites. The most important goal of the renewal was to create a channel for Farmcomp to communicate and share product and user information through the brand sites to the end users of the products. Farmcomp’s sales is done through resellers, so the company does not have a direct interface with the end users.

A helping site

Smartbutlers is the first WordPress site developer I've encountered, who doesn't come up with excuses for why something does NOT work! Merene Hovilainen Marketing Coordinator, Farmcomp

”The new site helps the end users find information about the products, how to use the products correctly, and to receive good tips”, Merene Hovilainen explains.

”And what’s best: this site does not only offer good solutions to the customers, but it is also very functional and user-friendly to me as an administrator”.

Since Farmcomp has customers all over the world, the new sites will be available in many languages. The first executed brand site,, was made in four different languages. There will be a total of 22 different language versions for the company site and the brand sites.

”At present, I’m working on the language versions for both Farmcomp and our brand sites. There are so many of them that the work will last far into 2021”.

Merene Hovilainen says that the cooperation with Smartbutlers has proceeded very well.

”Things really work. Andreas is a developer who truly knows his stuff. Whatever you come up with, he can do it! There is always a solution for everything. Smartbutlers is the first WordPress site developer I've encountered, who doesn't come up with excuses for why something does NOT work!

Will the cooperation with Smartbutlers continue?

”Yes, absolutely. Apart from further developing our freshly built sites, Smartbutlers also functions as a supporting hand. The websites need to be a vivid, continuously evolving environment that matches customer needs, while also paying attention to an evolving web and its requirements. The sites will therefore never be finished, but remain under continuous development”.

Take a look at Olli's new site here.

Project lead

Andreas Anckar

Software developer

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