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Leader 2019


20. tammikuuta 2020


Meri Anckar

In the BNI Finland gala, successful business partners were awarded. The gala was arranged at the Tampere-talo 17.1.2020. The Leader of the year 2019 prize went to our butler Patrik Anckar.

Patrik has worked as chairman of the board for BNI Turku Tigers since 2018. Under his lead, the group has become the biggest and best BNI group of the Nordic countries. Patrik wants to thank all tigers for a great growth effort. The Turku Tigers group was also awarded as Finland’s biggest and most effective group: 64 business partners who generate a turnover of around 9 million euros for each other. In Finland, there are 36 BNI groups and 1300 business partners. Globally, BNI has operations in 70 countries and 270 000 business partners. Smartbutlers has been a business partner of BNI Tigers since the group was founded in 2017.

BNI is the world’s largest preference organization in the business world. The members of the BNI groups are business professionals, who help grow each other’s businesses by engaging in the Givers Gain® principle. Read more.