We develop and brighten your sustainable competitive advantage by defining how your company can create better customer value than your competitors. We equip you with a clear understanding of the competitive landscape, industrial success factors, key customer values and your core competence. We differentiate you from the competition by utilizing categorization, segmentation, positioning and value statements. We simplify your storyline and spice it verbally and visually. In conclusion, we develop the story line, which forms the basis of the story manuscript, which, in turn, steers the storytelling into results.

Why Smartbutlers?

To succeed in the market, companies and brands need a sustainable storyline. This is our core competence. Without a storyline, a product is just a product. And price becomes the decisive purchase criteria. Our process aims at more focused, more authentic, more intriguing, and more cost-efficient sales efforts. We offer you peace of mind as your strategy will be in the hands of an experienced, international professional who understands your operative realities.

We have done strategic work with the following brands and companies: Black Donuts, Carpe Classis, Euformatics, Finn-Marin, Labrox, Macring, Naantalin Energia, Nokia, Nordic ID, OSG, Otto Brandt, Panic Marketing, Polarvagnen, Sampo Bank, Silverboats, Sissos, Solifer, Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi, Teleste, Terhi, TerhiTec, Turun Yliopisto, Vakka-Suomen Puhelin and Åbo Akademi University.