We make you an international marketeer. Our internationalization programs open new possibilities for development and growth. We assist you with market analyses, customer identifications, adapted brand strategies, differentiation, product conceptualization, distribution channels, customer service and management of export activities.

Some of our services are funded by the Finnish Centres for Economic Development (ELY).

Why Smartbutlers?

We tailor and we simplify. Our development programs have a common thread and we focus on the essentials. We spare you from mumbo-jumbo and buzz. We build together suitable models specifically for your operations. You will get piece of mind by knowing that your liaison is an experienced international marketeer.

We have done internationalization projects with Black Donuts, Ely-keskus, Euformatics, GrafiPro, Green Carpet, Jujo Thermal, Labrox, Macring, Rastor and Toygroup.