The code to productivity

Betta Digital brightened their brand and found their place on the markets.

"Now we know better where we position ourselves in relation to our competitors".

Klaus Mäkelä, who is in charge of sales and design at Betta Digital, is satisfied with the cooperation with Smartbutlers. "At the end of the cooperation project, we received a final report, which explains the current situation of our company in a great way", he says.

"We have strengthened our team with two people and moved into new premises as a sign of a new era. We have gone through the growth plan carried out by Smartbutlers internally, and based on that, we have started to implement actions to develop our services and communications piece by piece".

The cooperation with Smartbutlers started in the autumn of 2020 when Betta Digital had been operating for four years. The company had decided to hire a new coder, and at the same time, strengthen their communications.

"We saw it as a good option for an external partner to dig deeper into our current situation and the opportunities of the future". The company had been offered several consulting services before, but they were never carried forward.

"Smartbutlers's strong strategical knowledge of marketing impressed us. We operate in the same industry, but in a different sector, which made the cooperation attractive", Klaus explains.

Smartbutlers's assignment became the making of Betta Digital's growth plan

Meri Anckar from Smartbutlers says that it involved business development and service productization. "In the project, it was also clarified how Betta should position themselves, which customer promise should be used to market the services, and which services should be focused on".

We also cleared up which the company's best preconditions to grow are and which actions should be taken to look for growth. "The result of the project was a brightened brand story and the customer promise "The code to productivity", Meri explains.

The pleasant cooperation did not burden the staff

According to Klaus Mäkelä, the cooperation was easy and pleasant.

"Meri made sure that we know where we are in the project and which the next steps are".

During the project, we had meetings where we went through the progresses carried out by Smartbutlers.

"In practice, we did not need to think about the project apart from in the mutual meetings. In other words, the project did not burden our staff, which was a really good thing during the busy autumn. The conversation of the meetings was of high quality and brought our thoughts forward on both sides of the table".

Is the cooperation project still continuing?

"This project is finished. But in the future, cooperation of projects focusing on different new sub-areas might be current".


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Project lead

Meri Anckar
Meri Anckar